3 advantages of working from home that we can’t ignore



It won’t be wrong to say that most of us are tired of working from home and it’s the last thing we would want to do in our lives.

Courtesy of the extended working hours, more work, in some cases, and the laziness that follows. However, not all is bad here. There are some pros, too.

From saving on travelling time to being able to eat whatever we want at any point in time, there’s a lot to rejoice about working from home.

Here are 3 advantages of working from home that we can’t ignore.

1. Following a healthy diet

One thing that we can’t deny is that work from home has provided us with the liberty of sticking to our diet chart and following a healthy diet. From eating every two hours to adding juices and fresh fruits to the daily diet, we are able to achieve it all. While some may debate that they have taken to binge eating ever since work from home became a reality, the health freaks would agree that they are able to follow a healthy diet.

2. No time wastage in travelling

Mzansi would agree with the struggle of leaving their homes at 7 in the morning to make it to their 9 or 9:30 AM shift on time. However, the work from home scenario has saved us a lot of travelling time and given us the liberty to wake up at 8:55 AM and log into our 9 AM shift. This definitely comes in as a breather for people who were tired of wasting hours stuck in a traffic jam and reaching home late every day.

3. More productivity and comfort

While your peace might be compromised, the productivity and comfort levels are on an all-time high. There are chances that some of you might feel lazy, however, the fact that all of us are working to the best of our capabilities so as to our employers don’t feel we aren’t working enough from home is a harsh reality. While this comes as a blessing in disguise, we do have our productivity levels high at the comfort of our homes.

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