Wondering what causes high blood pressure? Find out here!



What was once considered an issue that plagued only the elderly has now become one that even youngsters deal with.

Indeed, popping medication to manage high blood pressure levels is sadly something many 20 somethings must do these days.

For the uninitiated, hypertension is considered a condition that generally develops over the years. Yet many believe it is brought on by poor lifestyle choices, being overweight or an absence of exercise in one’s daily life.

However, if you wish to know what causes high blood pressure, then read on. We delve into the subject to reveal everything from conditions like pregnancy to health issues like diabetes that may act as risk factors in individuals making them more likely to develop high blood pressure.

Types of high blood pressure and the causes behind it

Studies show that high blood pressure can be categorised in two types primary hypertension and secondary hypertension. It is widely understood that primary hypertension cannot be pinpointed to a cause, as it slowly develops over time. But here’s a deeper insight into secondary hypertension-

Secondary hypertension

Secondary hypertension is a result of underlying conditions that cause it. This occurs suddenly and causes your blood pressure to spike. If you have sleep apnea, tumor of the Adrenal gland, kidney disease or a Thyroid disorder, then you are more prone to high blood pressure. It can also be caused by some medications like birth control pills, cold medication or even pain killers. Individuals who have a habit of consuming illegal narcotics like cocaine or amphetamines also have a chance of developing secondary hypertension.

Common risk factors in individuals who may develop high blood pressure

Right from issues like diabetes to lifestyle concerns like an absence of physical activity, there are many risk factors for high blood pressure.

  • A person who is obese needs additional blood to carry oxygen to the heart. When the blood flow increases, it adds more pressure on the walls of your arteries.
  • Smokers or ones who consume tobacco must beware, for the toxic chemicals in tobacco harm the lining of arterial walls, which narrows the walls. This results in increased risk of stroke or heart attacks.
  • If your forefathers had high blood pressure, you may find that you have it due to your genetics.
  • Excess consumption of sodium or salty food can cause spike in blood pressure.
  • Consumption of even one glass of liquor daily by women and over 2 glasses by men can increase blood pressure.
  • Stress due to work or personal life also adds to the risk.

Whether or not you experience some of these risk factors, you should know that the risk of hypertension is one that children face as well as adults. If you suspect you’ve had high blood pressure, you must consult your general physician at the earliest.

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