5 ways to grow your Instagram page with interesting content



Instagram is a place to connect with their friends no doubt, but it is also a personal blog where people get to share their life experiences and thoughts.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

When people open your Instagram page they should feel a general sense of calmness. One SA celebrity whose page is very pleasing is Boity Thulo because she takes most of her pictures under clear blue skies.

Picture quality always makes your page more interesting. Blurry or grainy pictures are not just right. Use the best phones or cameras to take pictures.

The first tip to a good picture is a good background. You cannot always be standing in front of a white door. Instagram is about documenting experiences so take pictures in other places and not just one spot.

Learn to switch things up and this does not mean you should take pictures in front of people’s houses.

The most interesting pages document experiences. This is not to say that you should enjoy your life for the sole purpose of documenting but that helps to make your page more interesting.

Most people who go online are bored and looking for some sort of entertainment. Do people laugh, think, or get informed when they check your page?

Then, having followers who are your actual friends and who care about you will increase the engagement on your post.

Finally, be yourself.

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