Here’s why you should stay hydrated before your big-day



Does this leave you wondering what all the celebrity brides do before their D-day? What magic potion do they drink to look such beautiful?

While there can be many answers, and every celebrity must be having her own set of rules to follow before her special day, one common thing that everyone makes sure of is to stay hydrated.

While most of us tend to miss drinking water because of the numerous things that have to be taken care of before the wedding, not staying hydrated is the biggest mistake that one makes.

No matter how beautiful a makeover you are getting yourself if your skin shouts of dehydration it is impossible to achieve that flawless look. Be it that high-coverage glossy foundation, or that dewy make-up finisher nothing can beat the dehydrated look that your skin will have.

So, if you don’t want to end up disappointed with your make-up artist’s effort, drink as much water as you can before your wedding and see the magic for yourself. Your skin will glow, signs of ageing will take a backseat, fine lines may also get reduced and your skin will feel energetic and beautiful naturally.

Not only your skin, but your overall body will get a boost of energy. Lethargy might not hit you that bad if you keep on sipping water and fresh juices. But remember juice is not an alternative to water but only a liquid supplement for your body.

Keep this in mind

  • Drink, at least, 4 litres of water before and on your D-day.
  • Keep sipping on water every 20 minutes.
  • Include fresh lime soda and juices in your diet.
  • Fresh fruits should be taken once a day.
  • Cucumber can also be taken for that extra dose of water.

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