Ngelosi “Gudlugu” Mtshali hospitalized after escaping death


Ngelosi “Gudlugu” Mtshali got hospitalized after having a near death experience on the 12th of January.

He was involved in a hit-and-run accident while having a morning run at Gamalakhe in Port Shepstone, KZN.

The accident left of his bones broken, but he’s recovering at home after spending two days at Margate Netcare Hospital.

Speaking to Daily Sun, Ngelosi expressed shock at the hideous event, as he was on a pedestrian lane, when the vehicle hit him and drove away.

“Many bones, including those next to my chest and upper arm, were broken and my head was badly hit.”

The umbhaqanga star said a woman called the ambulance, which saved him.

He also urged drivers to be more careful and stay away from alcohol.

Gudlugu has opened a case, but the criminal is yet to be arrested.