9 health benefits of drinking milk with raw egg



The nutritional content of eggs and milk make them a healthy combination.

Eggs contain high amounts of amino acids and are filled with healthy fats. Milk, on the other hand, contains calcium and proteins that are essential for good health.

Eggs and milk together are extremely rich in protein, sodium, folate, selenium, and calcium. This gives you a nutritional boost when you start your day with this breakfast combination.

The following are the benefits of drinking eggs and milk together:

  1. Brain power: It contains Vitamin B 12, which increases your Brain Power and Memory.
  2. Stronger teeth: Raw Egg and Milk both contains phosphorus, which make your teeth (bone) stranger and save you from gum problem.
  3. Anemia: This drink contains more quantity of Iron, It’s helpful in the prevention of blood loss.
  4. Healthy hair: It contains calcium which increases hair growth and helps in prevention of white hair.
  5. Arthritis: This drink contains vitamin D, makes your Bone stronger and save you from Arthritis.
  6. Reducing age: It contains more quantity of Zink which is beneficial in reducing age.
  7. Save from diseases: This drink increases immunity power and protects from disease
  8. Sight grows: It contains vitamin A which helps in sight growth.
  9. Cancer: It contains vitamin K, protects us from cancer

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