Top 5 romantic wedding proposals



Everyone loves a good love story, plus a wedding proposal is the burgeoning of a new marriage, and we love to see cute and romantic wedding proposals.

Please! Proposing in a crowded shopping mall is not part of the best wedding proposals. Shopping mall proposals invokes the gods that prompt women to say ‘no.’

Another general rule is that you both must have spoken about getting married, and you are sure she wants to get married to you.

The first time she finds out you want to marry her should not be when you’re kneeling. Here are five of the best proposals;

This type of proposal is at a location like a cinema or a stadium with a well-thought-out plan.

An example is Kanye West’s proposal. Kanye West proposed to his ex-wife Kim Kardashian in an empty stadium. Her family hid behind a sign that said, “will you marry me?” After she said yes, there was a band and fireworks.

There was a viral video of a man who rented a movie theatre, and when the movie began, it was an animation of him and his girlfriend, and then he proposed to her.

It is like a surprise party. The background is usually decorated with petals, roses and balloons. This one is a joint effort of the friends and family to surprise the bride-to-be.

The groom-to-be spends weeks plotting with her friends and then she enters into the house, the room or the restaurant and there she sees her man kneeling with a ring, flanked by her family and friends.

Most women scream in excitement or break down in tears.

It starts as a vacation but ends as a wedding proposal. An all-expense-paid trip to a country she loves and then pop the question in a dreamy location like the Eiffel Tower or as the sun is setting on the beach of Maldives.

This is my personal favourite. This can be done anywhere, but the best place to do it is at home.

You can just roll over on the bed and meet her face and hand her a ring; no kneeling down is necessary but might be required. The great thing about this is even if she says no, the embarrassment will not be televised.

The thoughtful proposal requires proper knowledge of your partner and giving her exactly what she wants. No one can tell you how to do it, but it would be perfect because it shows you have been listening to her and you understand her.