What you should look for in a man other than intimacy



Love is a wonderful yet complicated concept. Girls dream about finding prince charming and even men spend a lot of time trying to find their princess.

Romantic movies have taught us a lot about the bliss of romance with that special someone, but in the real-world things are very different.

A relationship can’t survive on intimacy alone and those that try to are already setting themselves up for failure.

The first step if you want to have a solid relationship is to look for the right qualities in a man.

While we know that intimacy is important, you need to focus on other key qualities that may actually be more valuable than bedroom fun if you’re serious about finding a good man. Continue reading:

  • Integrity

Many relationships today are struggling because of infidelity, lies and secrets. When you feel like you can’t trust your man, it’s very hard to move forward in a healthy way.

The last thing you want to turn into is a private investigator who has to constantly follow her man around to find out who he’s with and what he’s doing. For a better relationship, take time to know your love interest and see what his values are as far as integrity is concerned.

  • Support

Some insecure men have a terrible habit of constantly belittling and down playing their wives’ achievements. Any good news is ignored or shut down with mean comments and everything she does is never good enough for him.

You need to find someone who cheers you on and celebrates your wins with you. Being with someone who believes in you and will motivate you to be better every day strengthens your bond.

  • Financial stability

Wanting a man who is a billionaire isn’t the same as looking for a man who is financially stable. Yes, a billionaire would be a great catch but there are still many great hard-working men out there who aren’t necessarily on six figures and above.

Go for someone who works hard towards achieving his goals and not someone with zero motivation or someone who gets his money in dodgy ways.

  • Wisdom

A man with wisdom will always do his best to steer his life in the right direction. And since men are naturally meant to be the head, they need to have this quality as a way of protecting the family.

Men who have no wisdom are likely to be more impulsive and they never seem to have a clear understanding of what it means to lead.

While you’re excited about the natural chemistry you’re having with your future hubby, be sure that he is someone who has a good head on his shoulders and can make sound decisions.

  • Maturity

It’s an amazing thing for a couple to be each other’s best friend. You’re more comfortable being yourselves around each other and that is what makes you two a good fit for each other.

While this is true, you also need to see how he handles disagreements and his reaction thereafter. Being two totally different individuals, you will not always see eye to eye.

If he cannot allow you to have your own opinion or see that he may actually have a warped ideology regarding a particular subject that you’re trying to bring to his attention in a respectful way, you may be dealing with an emotional retard.

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