How to protect your eyes from constant screen time



The world has advanced so much that one can be on their phone or laptop for over eight hours either for business or leisure; however, the downside is the strain it causes to the body, especially the human eye.

Why take your perfect visions for granted now and then have to suffer later in life. DES (Digital Eye Strain) occurs in every gadget user, whether a phone, a PC, or a tablet.

After several hours, your eyes begin to water; you experience a blurry sight, headache, or migraine. If you experience one or all of these, then this is a sign to follow these tips to protect your eyes.

1. Take breaks in between

It could be after every 30minutes or every hour, it is left to your discretion, but the important thing is that breaks are taken. While on that break, you stay away from the computer screen; take a walk, a nap, anything to help you rest your eyes instead of staring at the computer screen.

2. Enable your dark/night mode settings

Many phone applications now have dark mode settings; this will help reduce the strain on the eye; you could also set it to the automatic feature. The dark mode feature is not for decoration on your phone; use it!

3. Regulate your screen settings

Increase or decrease your phone’s brightness appropriately; when in a dark place, increase and reduce it when in a well-lit environment. Also, increasing your font size minimizes the strain on the eyes to read words and messages.

4. Wear anti-glare glasses; Blue light/UV blocking glasses, or photochromic glasses

If you have no previous eye defect, getting these glasses are pretty easy now, their vendors are all over the streets of Instagram. These glasses help block blue light and ultraviolet light emitting from the screen to your eyes. If you wear recommended glasses, ask your specialist to add anti-blocking features to your prescribed glasses.

5. Go for eye check-ups

If symptoms persist, please see an eye doctor. A regular appointment with your doctor will help keep your eye in check.

Keeping these tips in mind will help keep your eyes in check; these tips are not hard to follow for long-lasting eyesight.

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