The 60-second skin rule that could transform your face



Facial cleanser – it’s not exactly sexy compared to that slick superstar serum that leaves skin plumper than a hotel pillow.

But using cleanser the right way – now that has a whole new ring to it and, right now, could be the one thing standing between you and ‘maskne’ (mask-related acne).

Did you know that your cleanser plays a key role in how hydrated your skin is? Or that it’s responsible for how well your skin responds to the other products in your routine like your vitamin C serum? No? Well consider this a page to bookmark, then.

The key to ticking all those boxes is to wash your face, morning and night, for a full 60 seconds each time. It’s easy to remember, doesn’t require a whole new regime and, literally, only takes a minute.

Why should you cleanse for 60 seconds?

The #60SecondRule for washing the face was first introduced by Aesthetician Nayamka Roberts-Smith on Twitter. She urged her followers to wash their face for 60 seconds straight. The whole point of washing your face for a full minute is to allow the skincare ingredients in your cleanser to really penetrate into your skin and allow it to work.

According to Nayamka, our skin is exposed to a lot of lot elements each day, and it is really difficult to get rid of every last bit of dirt, oil, sweat and makeup in the 10 seconds that you spend washing your face. When you wash your face for as long as 1 minute, you allow the cleanser to breakdown the impurities as well as clean every nook and cranny of your face such as around the nose, hairline under your chin, etc.

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