Tweeps react to Lasizwe’s swollen feet – “He is pregnant”




Lasizwe is being put under fire following his recent tweet.

The star has always faced so many backlash most especially on Twitter.

The comedian shared of his swollen feet on Twitter stating that he was standing on his heels for hours.

Thinking he was going to be pitied and get love from tweeps but instead he was bombarded with hilarious and hurtful the comments

Some stated that he could be pregnant because we all know that swollen feet are always if not most of the time linked to pregnant women.

But since we already know that Lasizwe being pregnant is highly impossible, there is no explaining why tweeps would say such things about him.

But even after seeing this photo, many were still not sure whether or not these were actually Lasizwe’s feet.

Well, Lasizwe actually confirmed in yet another tweet that they really are his feet and let’s just say that this has landed him in ever hotter soup.



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