3 ways men can ease tension between their wife & mother in a marriage



In a marriage, wives often feel a deep connection to their husbands and a lesser connection with every other new family member such as their in-laws.

So, it is natural for them to confide in their hubby about any hurdles they face in their marital home.

However, men often feel as though they are stuck in the middle because they have to be the liaison between their spouse and their parents.

If you have been feeling the tension, then here are a few ways you can alleviate the stress between your wife and your mother.

  1. Share your true feelings with your wife

While you probably feel special being the only one your new wife shares her feelings and problems with; this will soon start to feel tedious. You would soon wish to cherish your time together as a romantic couple rather than merely being someone who hears complaints and attempts to resolve them. Be honest with your wife about the stress you are under and how you feel stuck between your mother and your soulmate, which can be quite uncomfortable.

  1. Encourage your wife to find other confidantes in the home

It can be exasperating for your wife to wish to share her feelings with someone, but to have to wait for you to get home. To serve this end, encourage your wife to find another friend in your household. This could be your younger brother, your older sister or even your grandmother. It will help your wife feel more at home when she has several people who she feels close to apart from yourself.

  1. Start an open dialogue between your mother and wife

Just as your wife has been telling you how she has felt wronged, your mother also probably has some feelings about certain issues. So, arrange for them to have an informal chat every week where they can open up about the ways in which their feelings have gotten hurt. As this is an opportunity for both your mom and your wife to open up; neither of them would feel hurt by the accusations.

As time goes by, they may get used to caring for the other’s feelings or coming to understand things that are important to them.

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