5 worst gifts to give your lover on Valentine’s day



Some of us have significant others in our lives who we are getting ready to give gifts this Valentine’s.

There is a debate on whether Valentine’s day is worth celebrating because “every day is Valentine’s”

This sentiment is probably from the same people who say, “Christmas is not Jesus Christ’s birthday.” Some people do not know how to just enjoy things.

Anyways, Valentine’s is coming, and I am here with the reverse psychology to tell you five things you should not get your partner.

What exactly is the utility of this trumpet playing gimmick? Imagine surprising them at work when their coworkers are working. What are they supposed to be doing while the man blows the trumpet? Stand there awkwardly? Please, do not do that.

What is the point of dismantling a money cake and then going to deposit it in the bank? A whopping bank alert will give them the same excitement. Some people believe sending money is a lazy gift that doesn’t require any thought, but sometimes it is money they need.

I do not know what to say to you if the devil moves you to buy white singlet for your husband or boyfriend. Please, you are not in Grade 9.

I have thought about this deeply, why would someone want to have their faces on the pillow? It just seems to lack usefulness.

Any gift that your partner will throw away and never use is a useless gift. How can you buy your girlfriend a wine opener or wine when she doesn’t drink wine or buy your husband a hairbrush when he’s bald.

Imagine buying flowers for someone who hates flowers or a pet dog for someone who’s allergic or hate dogs. Just know who you are gifting and do not give them something they hate.

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