These 4 ‘healthy’ foods can cause tooth decay



We all know that we should brush and floss our teeth twice a day, but did you know that there are some healthy foods that can be more likely to contribute to tooth decay?

Listed below are the worst foods for your teeth and overall dental health.

1. Dried fruit, fruit snacks, other gummy treats

These snacks are high in sugar and have the same sticky, tacky nature that makes them difficult to remove from teeth. This results in a prolong exposure to sugar which can cause tooth decay.

2. Carbonated beverages and diet drinks

Both regular and sugar-free sodas are very acidic. This can cause tooth erosion, where acids dissolve tooth enamel, which unfortunately cannot grow back. If acid exposure continues, parts of the teeth will begin to dissolve, leaving cupped out surfaces that grow larger over time. Due to the size of baby teeth and the relatively large nerve, teeth can develop sensitivity as the tooth surface dissolves away. Teeth may shift position, become sensitive and require fillings. Crowns or tooth removal may be required in advanced stages.

3. Gummy vitamins

Although designed to be a tasty way to help kids (and adults) get their daily supplements, the first ingredient is sugar. While the amount of sugar in a gummy vitamin is relatively small, a gummy’s sticky texture clings to teeth, greatly prolonging the sugar exposure. Even if parents brush immediately after, it can be virtually impossible to remove all gummy remnants.

4. Sour foods and drinks

Sucking on lemons, sour candy, and beverages containing citric acid can cause the same erosion pattern as described above. When sour foods also contain sugar, they can be especially harmful. The increased acidity may cause decay to grow at a faster rate.

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