5 life lessons you can learn from your toddler



What could you possibly learn from a being who only knows what you have taught them so far?

Well, you’ll be surprised to know that there are many lessons you can pick from the natural behaviour of your little one. Read on to know.

1. To let go

Ever seen them fight with their friend or sibling one moment, flinging toys, rolling on the floor, almost declaring another world war, and being best friends with them in the next? Well, that’s your first lesson—to express your emotions and then let go.

2. To be physically active

Just notice the way they can prance up and down all day, and when they see you exercise, join in with all the enthusiasm and energy. They do so, not because they have to, but because they enjoy doing it, whereas we adults see physical activity as something we should do. Take a cue and pick activities that you enjoyed participating in as a child—cycling, field games, dancing… anything.

3. To ask for help

Toddlers not only ask for help, but also demand it at times. On the other hand, many mothers think asking for help shows they are incapable. The lesson learnt here: it’s perfectly okay to ask for support when you cannot manage everything on your own.

4. To be creative

When was the last time you did something for the first time, developed a new skill, or just made something beautiful out of junk? Now look at your toddler, who’s learning and creating something new almost every day. You get the drift?

5. To be happy in your skin

You may tell them to behave when they lift their dress in a mall, but ever seen it this way—that they just feel happy about their body, without worrying about the way they look? That’s the idea: to love the skin you are in, without fretting over how to get back your pre-pregnancy body, or those little imperfections.

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