10 reasons why you should never date your best friend



The friend-zone kinda sucks, but there are very valid reasons as to why you should shut them down.

Dating your friend, especially your best friend, is almost always an awful idea, ending most likely in some sort of pathetic tragedy resulting in self-pity.

The following are definitely things to consider before you jump into a relationship with your best friend.

1. You wouldn’t want to ruin the friendship

Because nothing good could really come from walking down the road of dating your best friend… Right?

2. They know your entire dating history

And they know that none of your ex’sexese treated you the way they know you are meant to be treated.

3. They definitely know how weird you are

Luckily, they’re just as strange.

4. Actually, scratch that, they probably know nothing about you

It’s not like all those nights talking about struggles, victories, and nonsense really covered anything important.

5. They will help you with all the gross bodily function tasks

Popping zit, pealing sunburn, and many other personal hygiene things are suddenly pass-times

6. They won’t understand your humor

What are inside jokes?

7. But honestly, they can read your mind, and that is a scary place

You know it’s bad when they can finish your sentences; Or even worse, when you don’t have to say anything at all and they already know what your thinking.

8. They can be unpredictable

As much as you think you know they’re every thought, they somehow keep you on your toes with one surprise after the next.

9. They have probably met your family before

Nothing like some rude and obnoxious siblings to really bring out the insanity in you. Thank God they seem to fit right into the madness. Is it weird that your family seems to like them a little better than you?

10. You won’t have anything in common

Like why do you guys spend so much time together anyways?

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