5 vitamins that can help improve your beauty



There are a number of essential skin vitamins available as supplements, as well as in skin care products.

Let’s explore how essential vitamins can help you achieve optimal skin health.

So, next time you purchase skincare products, you will know which vitamins to look for.

1. Vitamin A for acne

Vitamin A, also known as retinol, is one of the best acne treatments. As it reduces pore-clogging sebum (the oil your body produces), it’s beneficial for those of us with oily skin. Also, it can help replenish healthy (acne-free!) skin cells. Among its sources are dairy products, fish, dark-coloured fruits and vegetables, and most multivitamins.

2. Vitamin C for wrinkles

You eat plenty of vitamin C when you are ill, but why not give it a shot for your skin? Cream with 3-10% vitamin C may reduce wrinkles-and it’s never too early to start preventing wrinkles. In addition, vitamin C has been found to help reduce sun damage. Apply a moisturizer with vitamin C before applying your daily sunscreen to help protect against harmful UV rays. Remember: The higher the concentration, the closer it is to the top of the ingredients list.

3. Vitamin E for dry skin

Is your skin dry and flaky? Try Vitamin E! In terms of beauty, it’s a fantastic supplement for reducing dry, rough skin. Many sunscreens and after-sun products contain vitamin E. Still, you can also purchase the vitamin itself in capsule form-just break the tab open to reach the good stuff!

4. Vitamin D for dry skin, eczema and more

Calcitriol is a synthetic form of vitamin D, a substance usually produced by the human body. The topical cream calcitriol is effective in treating psoriasis, a skin condition. When applied to the skin, calcitriol can reduce the amount of inflammation and irritation caused by psoriasis and has few adverse effects.

Vitamin K may provide relief to those who wake up with dark circles no matter how much sleep they receive. In the long run, the vitamin can help fade those dreaded circles. Studies have found that a reduction in the appearance of dark circles was observed in individuals using eye creams containing vitamin K. Be sure to check your eye cream’s ingredients to ensure that vitamin K is present.

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