9 period mistakes you’re making every month



That messy business of yours hits you every month.

Women often undergo various bodily changes during their menstrual cycle that are mostly accompanied by an irritated mood.

However, cursing PMS syndrome for all the discomfort is not right. Since menstrual cycle tells a lot about a woman’s health, even a minute mistake during periods can take a toll on your health.

Here we have listed a few common period mistakes you’re probably making and what you should do instead.

1. You are not tracking your period cycle

You are not tracking your period cycle: The fact is tracking your periods is not just necessary while you are trying to get pregnant but should be done without any miss. The heaviness of your period flow and the kind of cramps you’re experiencing, helps you and your gynaecologist to identify any period irregularities that you may experience.

2. Not changing pads or tampons frequently

Not changing pads or tampons frequently: This explains how hygienic you are. Change your pad every 3 or 4 hours and if you use tampons, don’t leave them in for more than 4 hours. This way you don’t end up with an odour or bacteria that may grow in the blood and may harm your health.

3. Not drinking enough water

Not drinking enough water: Keeping yourself dehydrated during periods can lead to cramps and discomfort. During periods, you experience hormonal fluctuations and a bloated belly. As your estrogen and progesterone levels recede, your body retains more water. This may impact your digestive system and causes constipation, gas, and bloating. Drinking at least 9 to 10 glasses of water a day during your period helps in fighting the bloatedness as it flushes waste out of your system.

4. Not checking the colour of your period

Not checking the colour of your period: This is the most common mistake that women make during their menstrual cycle. You should not miss checking your period colour as it is the blood colour that reveals a lot about your health.

5. Use of scented products

Use of scented products: It is often observed that during periods, to avoid foul smell, women use scented products. This can conflict with your pH levels. As your pH levels are going through some ups and downs during periods, the foul smell is natural. Instead of using scented products, focus on cleaning your vagina naturally and safely. Remember, those perfumes are full of chemicals and could irritate your sensitive parts.

6. Your mood swings overpower you

Your mood swings overpower you: That emotional roller-coaster not only troubles you but also those around you. Try doing things that make you happy such as listening to music, light jogging or watching movies. This not only makes your mood elevated but eases cramps and discomfort.

7. Self-medication should be avoided

Self-medication should be avoided: So, you trust on those OTC medicines rather than taking an expert advice? This is one of the biggest mistakes women make during periods who try to deal with their period problems on their own. Seek medical help if your periods are bothering you as it may help in diagnosing any underlying problems.

8. Skipping meals

Skipping meals: Your bloated stomach may make you skip your meal but this is definitely not a healthy practice. Skipping meals can also lead to pain in abdominal muscles and hence, can make you feel weaker. Light and nutritious meals should be eaten during your menstrual cycle.

9. Not resting enough

Not resting enough: Women tend to push themselves even on those hard days. This is not a good idea as when you’re on your period, your body is more prone to getting fatigued easily. Not resting enough could also make you more cranky and anxious.

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