Gigi Lamayne – “Heal before having children”


Gigi Lamayne takes to social media to advise people who might be considering parenting.

The rapper said it’s ill to birth a child before healing.

She urged people to heal first before becoming a parent.

“Heal before having children so that your children don’t have to heal from having you as a parent,” she tweeted.

Fans affirmed her claim in the comment section.

Speaking of becoming a sangoma, Gigi opened up during an interview.

“My calling was discovered when I was about 11, but no-one was sure what was happening to m. It started again two years ago, when a lot of things was happening in my life. It was just strange and physiological things things that started happening to me. There was things that I was seeing and I was told that this was something that had been in my family for for generations. Last year I went and passed for my calling, in a remote place outside Johannesburg and then I felt better than ever. It’s crazy how spirituality can heal,” she said.

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