Is HIV transmitted through ki*sing? Here’s what you should know



HIV is a dreaded disease and there are various known ways of contracting and transmitting the virus to others.

But one thing that has also and will continue to bug young people is the question whether the virus can be contracted through kissing a partner you are unsure of his or her status.

The answer is yes and no in the sense that, contracting HIV from kissing can only happen under certain conditions.

So in this article in line with a publication on CDC, we are going to have a look at basically the only circumstance through which a person can contract HIV through kissing.

Here’s the only way HIV can be contracted through kissing

According to CDC, HIV cannot be transmitted or contracted through exchange of saliva but you can contract the virus under this condition or circumstance;

1. If you engage in deep, open mouth kissing, you may contract the HIV only when either you or your partner has bleeding gums and blood leaks from the body of the HIV positive person to the HIV negative person.

2. You can also contact the virus when you have an open sore on the mouth or lips and kiss deeply with someone who is infected with the virus with a form of wound in the mouth, then you would also contract the virus.

3. But closed mouth kissing with a HIV positive person won’t transmit the disease to you. Thanks, share and follow the handle for more updates on health care.

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