5 genius ways you can reuse tea bags



Tea has a lot of benefits so store your used tea bags and leaves in the fridge and reuse them around the house:

1. Conditioner

Brew a weak tea from used tea bags and pour over your hair after you shampoo to condition and strengthen it.

2. Body soak

Because tea is high in antioxidants, it makes a moisturising soak for your body and feet, softening and nourishing your skin. Simply throw a few used tea bags into your bath water.

3. Clean and polish wood

Use weak tea brewed from used tea bags to clean and polish wood floors and furniture.

4. Odour neutraliser

Use dried tea bags in your fridge or gym shoes and sprinkle tea leaves in your cat litter to eliminate odors.

5. Fertiliser

Spread dried tea leaves around the base of your plants to nourish them and deter pests.

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