8 reasons why guys choose bad girls first



Women are always trying to understand the reasons why guys choose bad girls. In the end, they usually discover they wanted a good girl all along.

So why date a bad girl to begin with? While we may not like the reasons why guys choose bad girls, they do actually make sense.

Whether you consider yourself good or bad, these reasons might help you understand guys just a little better.


One of the biggest reasons why guys choose bad girls is sex appeal. Honestly, which is hotter – the quiet good girl in the background in jeans and a tee or the bad girl in the ripped jeans, tight tank and leather jacket flirting with all the guys? Guys think bad means hot. Sometimes it’s hard for them to look past it. It doesn’t mean you’re not attractive, but bad girls tend to stand out.


The one thing I’ve always envied about bad girls is they really don’t seem to care what everyone thinks. While that’s not usually true, it does help them seem more confident and outgoing than most good girls. Guys love confidence. They also love extroverts. Don’t be afraid to show how confident and outgoing you are. Guys might just skip the bad girl for the good girl.


Good girls are sometimes a little predictable. They’ll be a nice girlfriend, but where’s the excitement? Guys are natural risk takers. Bad girls are unpredictable. Guys have no idea whether they stand a chance or if the relationship will last. It’s like an extreme roller coaster ride. The thrill may only be temporary, but guys will risk it every time.


While you might look for a guy based on how mature he is, most guys take the opposite approach. They aren’t thinking about the future. All they see is here and now. You might be great as a wife and mother, but a bad girl comes off as someone into having fun. Guys are often drawn to women who don’t seem like the future matters to them. It takes the pressure off and just lets them have fun.


Guys love challenges. Just look at how they act around their friends and you’ll instantly see how competitive they are. Bad girls offer a fun, unique challenge. They play hard to get and make guys really work for it. What guys don’t understand is good girls are usually harder to get. Still, bad girls seem like a bigger challenge, so they’re instantly more appealing.


Guys love rebellious girls. This is especially true during the teen and college years. What’s more exciting than a girl who shuns authority, skips classes, sneaks out and parties when they’re not supposed to? The answer of course is a good girl, but guys don’t see it that way. They like the rebellious spirit, even if it’s not what’s best for them. Give the guy some time to mature and he’ll soon see good is just as sexy


Bad girls often seem more like one of the guys. Good girls tend to be smart, mature and focused. Guys tend to find all of those traits a little intimidating. Plus, if you seem like you have your life in order, it doesn’t seem like you really need him. The bad girl looks like she needs to be tamed. To them, it’s a fun, exciting adventure instead of an intimidating wall they don’t understand.


Until a guy is really ready to settle down, he’s not that interested in women who seem like the serious type. Good girls often come off as instantly ready to settle down and have a family, even if that couldn’t be further from the truth. The bad girl seems flighty and just as afraid of commitment as he is. To him, it’s the perfect match. Sadly, it’s a match that usually never lasts.

Good girls shouldn’t take it personally when guys chase the bad girls. These guys simply are ready to handle how incredible good girls really are. What other reasons do you think guys have for chasing bad girls?

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