5 attitudes that make your partner emotionally weak in a relationship



Love is one of the most important things that people want to experience in relationships.

This also means feeling respected by your partner and finding a balance between treating yourself and your partner well.

Being emotionally strong in a relationship is a great attribute that we should all emulate.

It determines the longevity of a romantic relationship. We need to maintain our integrity and the respect that our partners have for us.

However, some behaviors make someone appear emotionally weak in front of their partner. Unfortunately, they are not always aware of them, so they may even argue with you.

Let’s take a look at some of these attitudes and how they affect your relationship.

1. Being overly aggressive

This is not only a weak attitude, but it also makes your partner feel inferior in the relationship. You might think that you’re doing this to your partner because you want something done on time. However, being impatient is a weak emotional reaction.

2. Frequent anger

Anger makes someone look weak in a relationship with their partner. When someone is angry in a relationship, they’re showing that they can’t control the situation, so they lose their composure. This can eventually affect their relationship because their partner will start to lose interest. However, when you are emotionally strong, you will remain calm with your partner because you understand that the situation is not out of control.

3. Being unserious about their feelings

Not taking your partner seriously when they want to have a serious conversation with you, making fun of them whenever they tell you something that hurts their feelings, can make you appear weak. They might start to lose respect for you. Showing that you care for your partner when they need it will make them see you as a strong, competent, and dependable person whenever they need your assistance.

4. Disrespecting your partner

When you demand respect from your partner, it’s a sign of emotional weakness. Respect is earned, not demanded. Whenever you feel like your partner doesn’t respect you the way you deserve, you don’t need to complain about it. Just start doing things that will make them respect you.

5. Being petty

When someone feels insecure in a relationship and thinks that they are not good enough, it makes them appear weak. You need to stop showing unnecessary jealousy or feeling inferior to your partner’s admirers.

Anything that can make your partner see you as being immature or weak should be avoided if you want to keep a healthy relationship and uphold your honor.