TV Producer Jo Lurie reveals Riky Rick has been battling with depression for years




TV Producer Jo Lurie has revealed her behind the scenes experience with the rapper.

The TV Producer disclosed how she has witnessed Riky battling his own demons in form of depression.

She shared that it has been happening for years as she dismissed claims that social media trolls are the reason behind the rapper’s passing.

Mzansi had no idea that Riky Rick has been struggling with depression and mental illness. It’s true when they say, behind big smiles are saddest people. Riky Rick made sure to wear his smile always. It was hard for people to tell if he was okay or not. Reason people missed on signs about his mental health illness.

“I spent 6 months on set with him in 2017 watching him go through this. His struggle and the pressure to continue to be Riky Rick through depression weighed heavy. I wrote briefly about it at the time. And it later inspired #thegramsham podcast series.”, Jo Lurie continued to enlighten people about what Riky Rick was going through.

 “Why am I telling you all this? You are not paying Riky Rick respect by implying the hindsight that you could have been his savior. He was extremely self-aware and emotionally intelligent, but he was battling an illness he was very familiar with. He tragically lost his battle.” She added.

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