The downside of dating your best friend



Dating your best friend is definitely a beautiful dream come true.

I mean, they already know you and they appreciate who you are so this is perfect right? Not exactly.

Getting romantically involved with your bestie might seem like the right direction to take but, it’s not always the best option for everyone.

It’s true that you should build a friendship first with the person you’re dating but that’s quite different from being with someone who is already your best friend.

Before you consider sparking some romance with your friend, go through this list so that you call fully decide if you still want to give it a try:

1. You might not be romantically compatible

It’s easy to assume that since you already have a good friendship with your best friend, it will automatically mean that you will work well as a couple. Many manage to have a long lasting relationship but for some, this might actually be a disaster.

A strong relationship needs to have a solid foundation of friendship but there are still other aspects that determine whether you can have a long lasting bond or not.

2. It might be hard to adjust

While you have built a great friendship over time, it can be challenging to suddenly look at each other as partners.

You might be used to joking around all the time and having fun but things change when you decide to have a serious, committed relationship.

You have to discuss important things like boundaries and learn how to manage conflicts, and that can take a bit of time to master when you shift from friends to lovers.

3. You’re risking your friendship

Many people avoid dating their friends because they know things can get messy. Once you decide to finally date each other, you’re basically putting your friendship at risk in case something goes wrong.

Of course when you start dating, you don’t plan or expect things to fall apart but unfortunately, it happens. If you break up, it’s very difficult to transition back to being friends at all.

In these situations, you lose your partner and your best friend at the same time. And that hurts more for some reason.

4. It could put a rift in your other friendships

Speaking of breakups, if it happens and you hang around the same circles, it might put your other friends in an awkward position.

They will be kind of forced to choose sides and that’s a very uncomfortable situation for them.

If it’s a peaceful breakup, the outcome will be better but if it’s a messy one, it could damage your other friendships in the process.

5. It might not be as exciting

Part of what keeps relationships alive is the process of learning each other. It’s fun to discover something new about each other as you move through different milestones in your relationship.

When you’re dating your bestie though, it might feel like you already know everything there is to know about them. The blissful honeymoon phase doesn’t last that long and that can quickly become boring.

Of course, this isn’t the case for everyone who dates their bestie but it’s a possibility.

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