5 things you should never do on a Sunday



Sundays are great… until you realise it is getting late and you have to get ready to work on Monday!

Here is what you shouldn’t do on Sundays in order to keep it being a great day from beginning to end:

1. Go on alcoholic binge night

Work starts on Monday so do you really want a hangover Monday blues?

2. Calorie laden food

Unwind but don’t do something you will regret later. Want a cheat meal? Go ahead, but do not over do it.

3. Procrastinate

Procrastination never solve anything! Get the pending things done so that you have lesser things to worry about the next week.

4. Over work

You dedication to your job is commendable, but no one, not even your boss care that you ruined your Sunday.

5. Over sleep

Unless you have slogged the entire week and  you need a dead log sleep, wake up by 9am and do not ruin the entire day.

6. Shopping spree

Plan and then shop for what you need. Do not impulse shopping because your account will make you cry later.