Letoya Makhene reveals the next favorite person in her life




Letoya Makhene has taken to her social media to reveal the next favorite person in her life right now.

The star stated that aside from his wife and his father, the next person who is always by her side is someone she calls, ‘Gogo Celi’.

Letoya made it known that she was introduced to this woman by her dad.

She also mentioned that her dad introduced her wife to her which is one of the most beautiful things.

Letoya captioned: “So outside of my wife and my dad-this has gotta be my next favorite person in my life right now-We call her Gogo Celi šŸ‘šŸ½šŸ‘šŸ½ā¤ļø The most beautiful thing about my relationship with her AND my wife @lebomakhenep is that I was introduced to both of them by my only man…my dad @dr_blondiemakhene”

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