5 reasons happy couples rarely post their lives on social media



We all have been in that place where we found ourselves to be incredibly jealous of the couple whose posts and videos smothered your social media feed.

It may seem very romantic, but in reality, those couples may just be bickering back and forth.

There’s a reason why couples who shy away from the social media limelight lead a happy and balanced relationship.

So, here are a few possible reasons why happy couples rarely post about their lives on social media.

1. They don’t need to convince others

Constantly posting pictures of you and your partner on your social accounts may mean that you’re trying to convince your followers of your beautiful love story. In actuality, you shouldn’t have to prove to others why you’re this happy with your partner. Happy and honest couples just don’t feel the need to convince others of their relationship.

2. They aren’t narcissistic

It has been practically proven that people who post on social media about their entire life too frequently, are narcissistic and boastful. They are always looking for compliments and validation from the online world because they don’t have many supportive people in their life. Couples who are content with each other’s presence don’t need to post regularly.

3. They live in the present

You’ll hardly see a successful couple flooding your feeds with their pictures during a trip. They will post them after they come back home, or after a while. This is because they don’t feel the need to let others know about the fun they are having. They prefer to enjoy the present without having to post where they’re dining or where they’re at.

4. They don’t feel insecure

Needless to say, the world of social media is a competition. People are always trying to portray themselves to be better than the next one, and in an attempt, come face to face with their deepest insecurities. Social media has forced us to become insecure and unhappy with what we have and so, satisfied couples never look to compare to others.

5. They don’t have to rely on social media

The secret ingredient of happy couples in successful relationships is honestly, not having to rely on others for each other’s happiness. And in this aspect, such couples don’t waste much of their time or rely on social media to be happy. There’s no need to brag, make others jealous or prove anything to other people.

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