5 mistakes men make that can ruin wedding night s*x



First night or the wedding night sex is always the most anticipated.

Men tend to take a lot of performance pressure and stress while women have too many expectations from that single human being.

But here we will talk about the mistakes men tend to make which can ruin their wedding night sex.

So read them up and keep them in mind to avoid a fiasco on your main day.

1. Too much alcohol

You want to drink and have fun on your wedding day, the temptation is too strong. But you have to keep the repercussions in mind! Men tend to drink a lot on their wedding and their friends are of no help in this matter which automatically ruins the wedding night sex. It affects your performance on the bed so be careful with the amount you consume.

2. Comparing it with movies

It is not just women, even men make this collateral mistake of comparing their wedding night experience with what they see in movies. Movies are unreal and they tend to raise your expectations which is where you are wrong. Nothing is perfect and flawless, so, if you keep such expectations then you are bound to ruin your wedding night sex.

3. Too much under the pressure

The moment you start pre-planning the night, and push yourself to perform the best you can, you are taking unnecessary pressure. This pressure affects your performance as well and you make mistakes that could have been easily avoided.

4. Acting too desperate

Most men go nuts on the wedding night. They literally act desperate and as if they have never seen a woman before. Take it easy, be nice and calm. Explore your wife with her consent in a sober way. Avoid getting all jugular.

5. Getting distracted

Which wedding does not have a few hiccups? The cake can be messed up, the arrangements could go haywire, some arguments may also take place. However, it is not to be taken with you to the bedroom on your wedding night. Keep away from distractions because even a slightly foul mood can ruin the entire wedding night.