Amanda Black encourages people suffering from extreme Stockholm syndrome




Amanda Black has taken to her social media to send a strong message to people like her suffering from extreme Stockholm syndrome. 

The star shared little details regarding the syndrome.

Amanda went on to encourage people saying they deserve happiness, love and she is tired of being afraid. 

The artist revealed she woke up heavy today and it seems like she remembered this isn’t life.

Amanda said: “Most of us are suffering from extreme Stockholm syndrome. We are not free! And this shit isn’t normal. Woke up heavy today, guess I just remembered this aint life. We deserve happiness, we deserve love. I’m tired of being afraid. Find yourself. Love yourself. Its Time ❤️ Some of us became the free men who never looked back, scared to lose the freedom they were given by their masters. Freedom granted is no freedom at all! We are “free” slaves. Once we get our heads out of our asses,let go of pride and ego. We can free ourselves from these shackles.”
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