These 5 plants have the magic to attract love in your life!



It is not just astrological remedies that attract love and help us in dealing with different issues in life.

The nature around us has so much to offer like natural stones, the 5 elements of Earth and even plants.

There are certain plants that have immense magical powers that are believed to help attract love and luck, including radical self love!

1. Basil

This useful plant is a bringer of love, wealth, beauty and luck. It is not just luck, it is also useful in enhancing our food. It is believed that the flavour of basil in the food awakens the passion in anyone who eats that dish. It is also known to be a good antiseptic and an antidepressant.

2. Jasmine

A jasmine plant encourages prophetic dreams and is said to attract love and even money. The oil of the plant is counted amongst one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs. This beautiful plant is recommended for all the single ladies out there who are looking for love and for anyone who wants to keep the romance alive in their life.

3. Miniature roses

Little roses are said to have the highest vibration of all the living things. They attract luck, love and help in healing. They also offer protection. If you grow pink or red roses, they bring romantic love, radical self love, passion and deep truelove. Fischia hued roses attract the lust for life that most of us need today. They bring in deep acceptance of who you are and your physical body.

4. Orchids

Orchids are easy to care for and they are well known to attract love. They soothe the soul and strengthen friendships. These flowers are also the symbol of fertility and virility and they make great gifts for the new parents.

5. Anthurium

These plants are also known as Flamingo flowers. They are popular flowering plants which come in heart shape. If you care properly for them, they will curtail love and keep your relationship strong too.

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