What financial infidelity is and how to tackle it



While majority of us may only be familiar with one common form of infidelity in a relationship, there is one that has caused havoc in majority of the relationships.

Financial infidelity is the name for it. What is financial infidelity, one may ask? This is an act of deception by one partner in a relationship where finances are combined.

The most common cases include hiding or lying about the amount of income earned and debt owed.

One of the main reasons for financial infidelity still remains to be the lack of communication between couples.

A survey done in the U.S. shows that majority of those in a committed relationship believe that some aspects of their finances should remain private for fear of embarrassment from their partner knowing.

Fear of disapproval by one partner prior to the conversation was among the leading cases of financial deceit as well.

Just like any other form of deception, financial infidelity can cause havoc in a relationship or even worse.

Arguments, loss of trust, less privacy, separating combined finances or worse of all divorce can arise as a result of financial infidelity.

All this can however can be avoided to avoid financial deception before it even happens.

1. Be realistic in your expectations

Trust takes time to build and takes even more time to rebuild it once it’s broken. They say communication is key and this applies fully when you and partner are talking about your expectations.

2. Open communication is everything

Whether the financial infidelity has already happened or not, the key to everything is communication. By so doing, you can both decide on the way forward.

3. Create goals and ground rules together

Everyone one of us has set financial goals which we strive to achieve. Some people choose to have joint accounts in a relationship while others prefer to both have singular accounts. Whatever decision the two of you decide to make, as long as there is financial discipline that is all that matters.

To avoid financial infidelity, couples can come up with guidelines to ensure that financial woes are avoided in future.