7 reasons to be emotionally transparent in a relationship



So many people avoid being transparent with their emotions because they fear rejection.

However, you must remember that honesty is always the best policy, even when it comes to your emotions.

The love for yourself and your overall mental wellbeing is more important than dealing in dishonesty.

Perhaps you’re afraid to show your transparency. You might fear you will be disliked, cause disagreements, or end up alone.

However, you should open up and be honest for various reasons. Here are some of the main reasons being emotionally transparent is essential in any relationship.

1. Being emotionally transparent boosts trust

When you’re honest with someone about your feelings, you learn to trust one another. You open yourself to expose the deepest part of your soul, and they’re grateful that you trust them with their heart. It’s always better to shoot from the hip and be honest than beat around the bush and hide things under the rug.

2. There’s healthier communication

The goal in most relationships is to have healthy communication. When you’re sharing your innermost thoughts and how you feel, you’re opening the lines of communication to flow. Additionally, being upfront and honest with your emotions can alleviate the snowball effect that always ends in disaster.

3. It builds a healthy foundation

When you’re transparent about your feelings, you’re helping to build a strong foundation that can withstand whatever storm life throws your way. Sure, it’s hard work, and you might not reap the benefits right away, but eventually, you will see why it’s best to “build your house” without taking any shortcuts.

4. Being emotionally transparent encourages acceptance in the relationship

Every healthy relationship is going to have disagreements. There’s nothing that says loving one another means that you must agree on everything. In fact, some conflict is healthy. The occasional dispute is acceptable, but if you’re arguing more often than not, it’s time to counsel or go your separate ways.

5. Transparency is good for your health

When you’re dishonest and keep things inside, it can cause a great deal of stress on the body. Take, for instance, a man who is having an affair. He lives in secret and is always on edge about his wife finding out. All these actions can wear considerably on the nerves after a while. Now, if he had been open initially, he might have moved on with his life without so much stress.

6. It prevents romantic boredom

Being honest and feeling safe and secure in your relationship is imperative for survival. Regardless of what some might think, being confident with one another doesn’t create a monotonous relationship. However, when you and your partner are emotionally transparent, you boost your good mental health and increase self-love.

7. You show respect when you are emotionally transparent

Finally, when you’re honest in your relationship, you show respect to one another. It’s just like calling your spouse or the person you live with and letting them know that you’ll be late for dinner. No, you don’t have to tell them every move you make, but you don’t want them to worry about you.

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