6 essential intimate hygiene tips for men to avoid infections



It’s strange how very seldom there is a discussion about intimate hygiene for men.

As if the industry only speaks so much about female personal care, as a result, the male partners are not aware of its importance or the basics.

But, intimate hygiene for men is very crucial, partly as it keeps their genitals away from any infection or STD and partly because it improves their sexual relationship.

Here are six ways to keep it clean down there:

1. Change your garments daily

It’s a misbelief that not changing your underwear often enough is more manly than following a rigid and a given part of your routine. By not doing so, you are inviting the worst viruses, fungus, and bacteria to make a home in your intimate region.

2. Clean & part dry

Washing your genitals is of utmost importance since the area has very sensitive skin. Invest in a safe and natural intimate wash, and pat dry once you are done. Remember, both intimate washes and regular soaps must be used in a limited quantity.

3. Eat a healthy meal

Eating a wholesome diet can help in reducing the amount of sweat and foul smell down there. Include citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons, green leaves such as spinach and kale, and water & green tea to help improve the smell around your intimate area.

4. Introduce a trimming hygiene

While it is believed that public hair is meant to keep your intimate area clean and warm, it is also true that the same hair causes sweating. So, to make sure you are doing good to your genitals, trim your mane using a good quality trimmer.

5. Moisturize regularly

As much as it is important to clean or trim your intimate area, it is also important to moisturize thereafter. A good quality moisturizer will keep you from the aftereffects of using an external product on your most sensitive skin of the body.

6. Wash up after an intercourse

Not only it is hygienic to wash your genitals after you have intercourse, but it is also an attractive intimate habit. Women are attracted to men for whom intimate hygiene is non-negotiable. Thus, never delay the after intimacy clean-up to avoid any chance of contracting a virus or a bacterium.

The region around the genitals acquires the most sweat, infections, and foul smell in your body. Therefore, you must have a personal cleanliness routine and use only products with natural ingredients.

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