Uncle Waffles leaves fans in tears after professing his love to her – Video




Uncle Waffles recently left a fan in tears after he professed his love for her.

The star has been securing the back for the past few months after she took the world by storm with her deejaying and dancing skills.

However, Waffles gets a lot of fans each time she performs and one of which is a fan who was starstrucked after meeting her at a gig.

The video of the fan crying and telling DJ Waffles he loves her and that he is going to marry her has gone viral on social media.

The video has left many social media users rolling on the floor with laughs as.

The fan can be heard saying “One day is one day, I will marry you. I love you. Please tell me You love me” DJ Waffles can be heard responding to impress him saying he loves him back.

Watch video below:

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