3 mistakes grooms always make ahead of their wedding



Before it’s time to put on your tuxedo, lace up your dress shoes, and stare into the eyes of the love of your life during a wedding ceremony you’ll never forget, you may find yourself wondering what your role is as the groom.

Everyone knows that as a groom, you’ll be spending a lot of quality time with your groomsmen, celebrating and cheers-ing throughout the wedding adventure.

But with all that pre-partying fun comes a little bit of work and a lot of support for your better half.

If you are recently engaged and contemplating the extent of your duties as a groom-to-be, then read on.

You may find yourself desirous of avoiding these common mistakes that first time grooms often make ahead of their nuptials.

1. Extending verbal invitations

Though you may be thrilled by your engagement, excitedly invited friends verbally can be tricky. They may assume it’s a casual invite and you don’t really mean them to attend the wedding, so they may not show up. Always create a concrete guest list and send out formal invites with an option to RSVP.

2. Avoiding meeting your wedding vendors

It can be tempting to let the bride’s family and your own handle everything when it comes to the wedding. After all, skipping the meetings will give you a chance to work or even focus on your outfit fittings or bachelor bash. But it would be wiser still to go along with them when they meet with the musicians, decorators and caterers. It will ensure that you inject your own taste and style into the ceremonies.

3. Ringing up an ex-girlfriend to declare the engagement

You probably don’t want your ex to find out from other sources, but it is often the best option. Making a personal call is like giving them a way back into your life as you may have to deal with a tearful exchange in case your ex feels betrayed or hurt.

Instead, focus on the present with your fiancée and let bygones be bygones!

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