3 crucial parenting principles to make a difference in your child’s life



We’re all aware of how an adult is the sum total of their experiences right from childhood.

Perhaps that’s the very reason why responsible parenting is vital for the early development of a child.

Today, parents are often overthinking every decision they take when it comes to the welfare of their child as they are keen on bringing up responsible young citizens.

If you wish to do the same and make no mistakes, then take a look at some parenting tips you must swear by.

1. Being too loving is never a bad thing

A lot of parents fear that they might spoil their offspring by showering too much love on them. However, this is simply not possible. That being said, when parents use material objects to replace love, they tend to spoil a child. For instance, if you give your kid too many toys, too much clemency or a drop in your expectations, they could grow up to be pampered young things.

2. Create a set of rules

As a parent, you should know the answers to 3 questions at all times. Such as where your kid is, who they are with or what they are up to. Furthermore, kids respond well to a set schedule, so installing a set of rules in the house may work well. Getting your kids used to planning their day down to the minute while they are pre-teens is critical as it prepares them for life on their own.

3. Adapt your parenting to fit your child

While it may be convenient for you to have one set parenting style for all your children, you must realise that every kid is different and hence shall come with a diverse set of challenges. Keep adapting your parenting style to fit your kid’s temperament and attitude. As there will be times you have to use empathy rather than being merely a strict disciplinarian. You may be tempted to say no every time you are presented with an absurd request.

However, indulging your kids once in a while is important so that they continue to seek your blessing when they thing of bizarre things to do!

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