3 things self-made millionaires never buy with their money



This may come as a big surprise to you but millionaires are very good at handling money.

Contrary to the belief that millionaires love to splurge on luxurious items, vacations and most expensive things, they actually know how to save and handle money in a way to retain their status as a millionaire.

They don’t like to show off their wealth by buying things recklessly, instead, they love to ‘feel rich.’

Here are 3 things that millionaires will always avoid buying.

1. Luxury brands

They earn so much money and so, it’s only fair that they buy the most luxurious things on the market, right? Well, not so much, because millionaires avoid splurging on luxury brands. They prefer to keep things to a minimum, instead of buying every other thing that has a thousand dollars on the price tag.

2. Luxury cars

Most millionaires prefer keeping their car craze to a minimum. They might buy a Ferrari, but they won’t usually go on to splurge on Mercs, Maybachs or other luxurious cars on the market. Most will prefer to have one or two luxury cars on their names.

3. Huge mansions

Mark Zuckerberg lives in a residence that is only about 0.01% of his wealth. Most wouldn’t believe it, but in all honesty, it’s a great decision that millionaires can make. A huge mansion that’s luxurious and has thousands of dollars spent on it can be a huge liability than an asset. The upkeep and maintenance of a huge luxurious home can be tiresome.

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