Love vs. Money: What’s more important in a relationship?



If we talk about relationships, love is not the only thing that keeps the relationship healthy and alive, it also includes trust, respect, communication, honesty and also money.

In this case, money plays a big role in the relationship. Love and money go hand in hand. I strongly believe love is more important than money because you cannot buy love with money and love is what makes that world go around.

On the other hand, people also think that money is important and this topic is often debated. They think without money, their relationship will fall.

Money is Temporary. Today you have money, tomorrow you don’t but love remains for a lifetime. Love and money can’t be compared, they both have different values in our lives.

Money is for the survival of life and love is reason to live in everyone’s life. There should be a balance between love and money to keep your relationship healthy.

What do you think? Share your thought below…..

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