What your body language says about your relationship



Have you ever had a gut feeling something was wrong without your partner saying anything? Chances are, you were subconsciously reading their body language!

Body language is either consciously or unconsciously expressing your thoughts and feelings through the way you carry yourself.

A person’s body language reveals a lot about their inner feelings since most people don’t know how to control it.

If you learn how to better interpret body language, you can tell how a person is feeling, if they’re being honest, and much more.

These signs can help you keep track of the state of your relationship better and know when it’s necessary to take action.    

How to know if your relationship is going well    

According to couples therapist Terri Orbuch, a Ph.D. professor at Oakland University in Michigan, these are some sure signs your relationship is strong:   

1. Your body language is open to each other   

Open body language not only reflects how invested a person is in your conversation, but it also reveals how emotionally open to you they are. Actions such as turning their toe towards you when their legs are crossed, exposing their wrists and/or stomach around you, and maintaining eye contact are great examples of open body language. They signify a person is comfortable and ready to be vulnerable around you.   

2. You mirror each other’s habits, speech, and hobbies  

When we like someone, we subconsciously mirror what they do. It could be by matching their walking speed, picking up a phrase they always say, or trying a hobby they do. A significant other copying what you do isn’t a sign they’re mocking you; rather, it’s a sign they’ve been around you for so long and like you enough to subconsciously attune to your lifestyle.   

3. You put your arms around each other   

Small gestures such as an arm around your waist, over your shoulder, or linking arms is a great way to gauge your relationship. An arm pulling you closer generally means they’re offering comfort and support while showing people you’re together. It’s a possessive, intimate action that can also be interpreted as them demonstrating how they want to be emotionally close to you too.   

4. You flirt with each other   

While most people consider flirting something to get someone interested in you, it’s good to do when in a relationship too. Small things like touching hands, cleaning dust off each other, and playing with your hair around them lets the other person know that you are still interested. These affectionate actions can help keep your relationship exciting and playful, so you don’t end up losing attraction towards each other.

There may be something wrong in your relationship   

According to couples therapist Terri Orbuch and Jon Rhodes, a clinical hypnotherapist in the U.K, these are some indicators there is a conflict within your relationship. Similarly, if the signs your relationship is going well aren’t present, you might want to talk to your partner.   

1. Their facial expressions are uninterested and insincere 

It may sound obvious, but it can actually be quite hard to distinguish between someone feeling tired or sad from an unrelated event and being genuinely uninterested in what you’re saying. If they nod and reply with brief answers, make eye contact occasionally but never sustained, or fake smile, chances are they’re actually uninterested in what you’re saying. Someone feeling tired due to another reason would likely not bother faking interest.   

2. You exchange quick, informal kisses  

While they’re good on the go, if all your kisses are pecks, it might mean you two have lost your passion for each other. It could mean you’ve become too busy to date or simply need to spice things up and dedicate more time to the relationship.   

3. They’ve begun to sleep in fetal position faced away from you 

Of course, if your partner always sleeps like this, there is no reason to worry. However, if they’ve just begun to, it could mean they’re beginning to close themselves off from you. Fetal position generally signifies a person trying to become smaller and protect themselves by curling into a ball. It could mean they’re uncomfortable and insecure around you.   

Keep in mind that relationships are not make or break. Having these signs or not doesn’t spell out the fate of you and your partner. They’re simply small clues and hints that can help you. The bottom line of whether your relationship is going well is if it makes you happy.   

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