Face yoga for anti-aging: Does it really work?



Often people enquire about the ways to slow down the ageing process.

Well, there definitely is a way and it requires minimum product, ridiculously low effort and absolutely no money and treatments.

We’ve all heard of yoga and facial yoga is the new trend and practice of stretching your facial muscles.

One of the most effective anti-ageing techniques, facial yoga is a series of repetitive facial exercises that tightens the facial muscles while also stimulating the blood cells to increase the blood circulation to the skin.What you achieve after facial yoga is a more elastic, clear and youthful face.

By strengthening the muscles of the face, it increases elasticity which in turn reduces signs of ageing like wrinkles. The amount of exercises done on the face also increases the blood flow that helps in bringing fresh blood to the face.

When fresh blood reaches the facial skin, it helps bring the natural flush of colour while also dealing with skin issues like acne.

Does face yoga prove to be effective for anti-ageing?

In a study done by, there’s evidence that showed that a 3-minute long session of facial yoga for almost 20 weeks showed a visible difference in middle-aged woman making her look younger by almost three years. This yoga technique is like any other form of exercise, it requires dedication and regularity in order to see results.

Here’s a tutorial you can follow:

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