Gogo Maweni responds to allegations she bewitched her baby daddy, SK Khoza




Gogo Maweni has open up after been accused of being behind her baby daddy and actor SK Khoza’s wild behaviour.

Khoza has been all over social media for days now after a video surfaced on social media where Khoza could be seen apparently retaliating against a “racist” white man.

However, in the past few days, the Izangoma Zodumo reality TV star has faced a lot of criticism from Twitter users who’ve called her a witch.

Tweeps claim she’s the reason SK (who is allegedly a deadbeat father) is unemployed.

After the video, she said she did feel some type of way when SK was seen partying with girls and having the time of his life.

“Would you actually not do anything for your child, you’re out in the streets, having the time of your life with girls and drinking. But that didn’t really bother me, what bothered me was the fact that he thought it was okay and he could get away with it. That’s why I went and spoke to the ancestors,” said Gogo.

Taking to Instagram live to address the rumours, Gogo said she can not be held responsible for SK Khoza’s actions.

She is just a concerned mother taking care of her children that is all.

“Guys, I cannot be held responsible for taking care of my own kids and making sure that my kids are provided for. If you guys want to call me names and call me a witch,” she said.

See tweet below:

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