Zain SA takes a break from gigs and interviews


Zain SA releases an official statement on taking a break from gigs and interviews.

“To my supporters/music lovers and event promoters/organizers, please be advised that I will not be taking any bookings for gigs and I will not be doing any interview until further notice,” he wrote.

The musician says he’s at a point where his life is taking a great shift, personally and in his music career, hence the decision to take a break in other to shape things up for a bright musical future.

Zain says he doesn’t know when he will be back to gigs and interviews but after 10 years of pushing his music career, he needs to take a break, whenever he returns he promises to be in a better form.

He appreciates fans for their support over the years, especially on songs like, I Do I Do, Ina Iyeza, and a few others.

During the period of his break, Zain’s social media platforms will still be active and songs scheduled to be released will drop.