How to make decisions faster



There are situations, be it at work or otherwise, you are forced to make decisions faster.

Some people are brilliant at it and they are hardly wrong, but some of us panic and are unable to make decisions so fast.

We need time and several opinions too. So, to help you make decisions faster, here is a guide that will help you navigate through.

1. Figuring out the stakes

Your first step should be to figure out the importance of your decisions, know the stakes in your given situation. If it is a low stake decision, invest less time in making whatever choice and work more on decisions that have more weight.

2. Know your goal

In the end, it is all about the objective or the goal involved in making your decisions. Never place your aims on the back burner as it affects your decision making process. Focus on the possibilities and factors and relevance they have to achieve your goal.

3. Collect relevant information

Before you make a decision, you must know what your choices are. Update yourself with the latest information on the same. Once you know your situation thoroughly, decision making gets easier too.

4. Think practically not emotionally

Try to keep your personal feelings out of your decision making. Sometimes, when we think from our hearts, we regret our decision later. Weigh the consequences and whether it is worth it or not. Be practical. If need be, consult trustworthy people. If you want to, write down your options and see what you want. Make a deadline to push yourself. If possible, consult an expert in whichever field.

5. Delegate responsibility

If you think that the job at hand is too much for one mind, delegate the responsibility. If you know who is good at what, approach them accordingly and take off some burden.

6. Trust your intuition

You do need logic and data for decision making but what you must also depend a little on is your intuition. Even if everything is going just fine, yet you feel it in your gut that something is off or it will not go well, let it be. Trust yourself. Your intuition is never wrong.