Linda Majola expresses heartbreak following heavy flood in KZN




Linda Majola has taken to his Twitter to express his pain after witnessing the damage and heartache in Kwazulu Natal.

The star shared that he just got off phone from his grandmother and he was told that the flood caused so much damage.

Linda made it clear that his family was not badly affected during the floods but he wanted to be home to help his neighbors.

The heavy rain has resulted in school closures, damage to infrastructure, car accidents and deaths.

Taking to Twitter, the star who was born in a small community called Bonela in eThekwini, shared how he had been in touch with his grandmother, who assured him they were not harmed.

“Just got off the phone with my grandmother in Durban. The floods have caused so much damage in our community. My family is safe and unharmed but our neighbours are trying to salvage the little they have left. It is painful to witness.”

Linda shared with his followers that he has decided to close his establishment in the province until things have subsided.

“Today and the next few days will be spent on restoration. We have decided to close Humble Cafe until we have regained a bit of normality. I wish I was home to help our neighbours. My heart goes out to every one of them.”

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