Air fryer vs Microwave oven: Which is better?



With the technological advancements in the kitchen, cooking and baking are no more a time consuming process.

At a single push or press, the food is prepared in a few minutes. Two such gadgets that have simplified the kitchen life are Microwave and Air Fryer.

Scroll below to know how does an air fryer work and is it a safer option than a microwave?

​How does an air fryer work?

Technically, it works by circulating hot air around food and makes it crunchy and crispy from the outside and keeps it moist and juicy inside. As per experts, the process of hot air circulation also results in a chemical reaction called Maillard Reaction which occurs between an amino acid and a reducing sugar in the presence of heat, which results in change of colour and flavour of food.

Helps prevent cancer

According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, high heat cooking, like deep frying, results in acrylamide formation, a compound formed in cab-rich foods and it is linked to cancer development. The use of an air fryer helps cut down acrylamide compounds and reduces the risk of cancer.

​Helps cut fat content

It has been proven that a deep fryer uses up to 50 times more oil than air fryer and hence the latter helps cut down overall fat content of the food. This further helps in weight loss, as it reduces calorie intake and lower fat consumption than deep-fried food.

Microwave versus air fryer

While they both cook food faster and with minimal oil, the heating process of the microwave often kills the nutrients. Also, a microwave occupies a lot of space as compared to an air fryer, which comparatively requires lesser space. And, a microwave takes less time to cook food, while an air fryer consumes more time.

Final words

Every technology has its own pros and cons. It is always suggested to choose a gadget that solves your purpose and suits your dietary needs. So, next time when you are confused between a microwave and an air fryer, choose the one that fits your health needs and pocket too!

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