4 signs that indicate you have a lazy husband



Many brides who have hopes and dreams of living in a marriage of equals may find that their husbands respect them and love them.

However, being an equal contributor to housework or chores around the home is a different task altogether.

You may have found yourself feeling increasingly short-tempered when it comes to coaxing or nagging your husband to do simple tasks.

If you suspect you have a lethargic partner, then look out for these signs that indicate your husband is lazy.

1. He has excellent excuses for not doing household chores

Be it “Do you know how many miles I’ve driven today” or “I’m exhausted already” there are many excuses your beau may use to shirk household chores. Perhaps he won’t take out the trash because he’s in the middle of a video game; the excuses may keep coming with an alarming frequency.

2. He blames office work for not be able to do housework

You may ask him to do the dishes, only to be met with a response that he is typing out an office email. Or perhaps he says he has an early meeting the next day or complains saying, “I’ve had a long day at work.” You must understand that anyone who wishes to make time for cleaning up will always do so. This attitude of your partner may be okay once in a while but on a regular basis it is counter-productive to a good home environment.

3. He never voluntarily lends you a hand

Your partner may often see you struggling to wake up early and cook or clean despite your other tasks. If he chooses to ignore your plight and never voluntarily lend a hand, then it could stem from laziness.

4. He says yes to tasks but delays doing them

The reason we procrastinate is that we do not want to do those chores. This may be what your hubby feels when you ask him to do a task and he responds with “I will, in a while” or “Give me an hour, a day or a week.” The worst case scenario is if he says he will get around to it soon, but that never happens so you are forced to do it yourself along with all the other things you already do around the house.

Should you realize that your hubby does display some of these indicators, then you know that it is the right time to have a heart-to-heart talk with him to remedy the situation.