4 signs you’re suffering from post-relationship trauma



Former partners may have conflicting emotions as a result of the end of a romantic relationship.

Some partners may feel relieved that their conflicts and arguing have come to an end.

Others may experience depression, loneliness or anxiety at the prospect of carving a new route without their former companion. It is totally natural to experience grief over the loss of a relationship.

However, if you leave a relationship with heavy baggage, you should consider the possibility that you are suffering from post-relationship trauma.

Here are 4 signs that you could be suffering from post-relationship trauma after your breakup.

1. Extremely suspicious and untrustworthy

Relationships in which your partner used violence, sexual assault, threats, cheating, financial abuse, emotional abuse, alcoholism, persistent lying, or narcissism might have a long-term negative impact on your emotional health. You may be left with a strong sense of mistrust and distrust, and it may take you a long time to trust anyone again.

2. You feel guilty

Guilt for not moving on sooner may replace feelings of mistrust and loneliness. There may be a broad sense of wasted time, lost days, months, or years of living, and a general longing to move on. This is frequent following a failed relationship. You may be wondering why you stayed with someone that wasn’t suited for you. However, if toxicity is present, the sensation will be amplified. All of this puts a person in a vulnerable position.

3. You get flashbacks

It can be difficult to let go of the past. Difficult events can have a huge impact on people’s daily lives, from their beliefs to the decisions they make. Flashbacks are intense, intrusive memories of a distressing event. They might be really upsetting and make you feel as if you’re reliving an event. These interruptions may be repeated and unwelcome.

4. You’re uncertain in new relationships

Don’t be shocked if you feel uncomfortable and unsettled when you start a new relationship. After leaving a toxic relationship, an individual may find themselves reacting to new relationships with patterns or suspicions. It’s also likely that you’ll interpret what your new partner says incorrectly and feel they’re violating limits when they aren’t.

Having said that, it’s important to trust your instincts. Don’t disregard similar poisonous tendencies in your new partner. Trust what you’ve learnt from previous relationships, and don’t be hesitant to end a new one if it’s giving you negative vibes.