Some kids are bestowed with the natural gift of socialising and making friends, while for others it is as difficult as climbing Everest.

They might not be chatty or would feel shy in approaching others and talking to them.

It would eventually make it difficult for them to make friends and get along with other kids. It can also affect their relationships with others when they grow up.

As parents, it can be heartbreaking for you to see your little one playing alone in the park or sitting aside, but you can help them overcome this situation by trying to understand the difficulties they are facing and where they are struggling.

Here are some ways you may help your child make friends:

1. ​To understand the reasons first

The first step should be to understand the root cause of the problem. Ask your kids why they do not have friends or why they are not playing with other kids. It is because they feel shy or they do not talk to them. Having complete knowledge about the situation can help you take the right steps.

2. Ask others

Talk to other kids who live near your house or study in your kids’ school to get a better understanding of the problem your kid is struggling with. Sometimes kids on their own are not able to reveal the real cause or may not be able to tell the problem they are facing. Maybe other kids around them can tell why your child stays alone.

3. Teach them why friends are important

Teach your kid why making friends and talking to others are essential. Walk them through the various concepts of empathy, reciprocity and support, which every individual requires to sail through the hard times. Tell them how to support their friends and how to build a strong bond.

4. ​Teach them how to make friends

Maybe your kid is shy and does not know how to initiate a conversation. To help them overcome this problem, practice role-play at home. You can teach them how to introduce themselves and how to carry on a conversation. This skill will help them in the long run.

5. Be a good role model

Kids learn by looking at you. So if you want your kid to make good friends, first you must try to be good with your friends. When they know how you interact with your friend, how you two talk and how important they are to you they will also repeat the same.