5 health risks of eating too fast



When it comes to eating, all of us love to eat different types of cuisine.

Sometimes we even put food challenges with our friends and end up eating more than required.

Some people take ages to complete one meal, while others can finish eating their food in no time.

Sometimes people are too proud of their quick eating habits, but sadly there’s nothing to be proud of.

People who eat fast are at risk of developing certain diseases. It is so because they swallow food and don’t chew it slowly and properly.

Having your food mindlessly is a bad habit. So, if you are a fast eater, here is why you need to stop doing that right away.

Read below to find out how eating fast is bad for your health and overall body.

1. Obesity

Obesity is one of the common problems in people who eat fast. Obese people blame poor diet and lack of physical activity for their weight, but the truth is that they don’t chew the food, and hence end up eating more than required. If you are a fast eater, try to slow down a bit to see the difference.

2. Indigestion

People who eat fast, swallow their food without chewing it properly. Sometimes to finish the food fast, they gulp it down with water or sodas. All this stops food from getting digested properly, leading to bloating and indigestion.

3. Diabetes

When you eat quickly, it causes a sudden spike in the blood sugar levels of the body, which then leads to insulin resistance. And as we know, insulin resistance can lead to a rise in blood sugar levels, commonly called diabetes.

4. Metabolic syndrome

Insulin resistance is related to metabolic syndrome- a factor that increases the risk of developing not only diabetes but also heart disease and stroke. Research also suggests that fast eaters are prone to having large waistlines and low levels of HDL cholesterol.

5. Overeating

When it comes to eating, if you eat too fast, you don’t pay attention to how much you eat and hence end up overeating. Overeating leads to weight gain and other health issues. When you eat fast, your brain is not given time to realise that it’s full, which makes you have more calories.